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    Default Can MSN Messenger chat source be traced

    Is there any way a chat source can be traced via 'MSN Messenger' or can an unscrupulous patron be checked on or even be banned ???

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    Default Re: Can MSN Messenger chat source be traced

    ...if i have misunderstood your question simply disregard this response:

    Firstly, before any one may 'chat' with you on your MSN Messenger (IM) you need to add them to your list of contacts.

    This entails you entering their e-mail address (which they must give you) and is a means of 'tracing'.

    Second, an 'unscrupulous patron' may be 'banned' as you put it by right clicking their name on the IM's control panel and then selecting either 'Block' or 'Delete' from that menu.

    Alternatively, click on Tools > Options > Privacy and then manage your contact/s preference from there.

    I hope this answers your question (?)

    Cheers !!!


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    Default Re: Can MSN Messenger chat source be traced

    i have been trying to find this out myself lately and not getting much of an answer so thus far i'm still unsure, but i would like to know if it is possible as i also have an unscrupulous person that needs checking up on. i know ICQ has a history which logs what conspires between chats but haven't found such an option for msn. sorry i'm no help but i am interested in the answer too.

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