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    Default Re: Problem with TV signal for getting Freeview, Sky TV and analogue TV

    Not the most reliable method, but look around and see where the majority of UHF Aerials point.
    Your TV may have an option somewhere to show the signal strength also, that might be helpful.
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    Default Re: Problem with TV signal for getting Freeview, Sky TV and analogue TV

    Quote Originally Posted by barryk View Post
    How come you're getting 300 Freeview channels? I thought Freeview advertised only about 10 channels available through Freeview (such as Maori TV, Parliament TV)?
    Just jokes! 10 channels or thereabouts.

    The signal is generally good but not totally reliable. I suspect my aerial is old.

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    Default Re: Problem with TV signal for getting Freeview, Sky TV and analogue TV

    Freeview Terrestrial is transmitted from the mast on top of the Waitakeres at Waiatarua, however there may be some repeaters on the Sky Tower and at other locations to fill in blind spots. If you can't see the Waitakeres or your neighbourhood has lots of TV aerials on ridge mountings, or other arrangements to provide extended height then you may not be in a very good area.

    What street are you in? I am pretty familar with most of the bad TV reception areas on the Shore, having been a specialist antenna consultant in a bygone life.

    I am not in the best of areas myself, and needed a better than average antenna system, but I have just installed two Freeview enabled TVs and two decoders for my older TVs and I get (Freeview Terrestrial) channels 1 to 11 inclusive, plus 21, 22, 25, 28 & 33. I also get Radio Channels 50 (RNZ), 51 RNZ Concert), and 71 (Base). That is 16 TV channels, not all of which are worth watching, and 3 radio channels.

    That is the current package for Auckland so you should get no less. It is a great pity that Triangle is not on Freeview and I hope it does make the shift because it has some very good programs.

    I had average analog reception on all channels except Prime, which had been OK but changed suddenly one day, probably due to transmitting antenna realignment. All channels were coming in on a very old VHF/UHF antenna system feeding seven or eight outlets (including an underground feed to the Man-Shed). I had a VHF/UHF amplifier at the distribution hub and that is still in place but backed off to minimum gain on both VHF and UHF. All Freeview channels are perfect and I have left the old VHF antenna in place to provide for FM radio.

    With Freeview terrestrial (or satellite) you either get all channels or none as they are transmitted as a single digital package which is broken down in the decoder. If you had adequate reception for analog TV, you should be OK for Freeview Terrestrial.


    Billy 8-{)

    P.S. I bought two decoders, the first lasted 24 hours and the second was DOA. The replacements are working fine.
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