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    Default CD Writer not working :(

    i have a cd rom and a cd writer, i cant save ne thing to my cd to back up my stuff. it has been working great but now i get a message saying 'could not locate a supported copier'. it worked fine last time i used it 2 weeks ago and today no luck. i check inside to see if a wire had come off or something simple like that after reinstalling program and updating to latest driver etc.
    any clues would be helpful. ty

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    Default Re: CD Writer not working :(

    Is your writer still showing in My Computer? Or in device manager as a cd-rom device? If so can it still read a cd?

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    Default Re: CD Writer not working :(

    Hello LC,

    That error message normally means that the software required to burn your CD's is not working properly, I have found it happen fairly often with Adaptec software, it often needs to be updated to see more recent drives ( does not explain why it would suddenly stop seeing it though) but from the details you have provided it sounds to me almost certainly software related, as a test try downloading a trial copy of nero burning rom ( just type that into google ) and see what happens, I recommend you uninstall Adaptec first, if that is what you are using as it does not coexist very happily with a lot of other burning utilities and it's best to be on the safe side.
    If your already using nero try uninstalling then run a reg cleaning utility (easycleaner is a good one) then reinstalling it.



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    Default Re: CD Writer not working :(

    Cheers Allan, good answer you hit the nail on the head
    It was all of that, adaptec wasn't working and nero d/l had expired so i went to registry and deleted all associations of them both re loaded software and all is sweet
    ty very much indeed

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