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    Default MS Word 97 + printing

    I currently use word to print out all my work documents. The printer i use is a single tray, loaded with letter headed paper, so everything i print goes onto letter head paper. What i want to do is buy another printer with 2 trays, load one with letterhead and the other with plain. Is there a way to get Word to print the front page using the tray with letter headed paper and the subsequent pages on plain paper from the other tray??


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    Default Re: MS Word 97 + printing

    easiest way
    print the whole doc in plain paper
    then reprint just the 1st page on letterhead off the 2nd tray, you will select 2nd tray in printer options

    does your existing printer have a manual feed ?? you could use that for the letterhead

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    Default Re: MS Word 97 + printing

    From the File menu, choose Page Setup. Select the Paper tab (or Paper Source tab in Word 97 & 2000) and from the First Page list, specify the printer tray. In the Other pages list, specify the tray for subsequent pages in your document.
    Click Ok.

    Note: If you need to specify a printer tray for a page in the middle of your document, then you will need to divide your document into sections (using section breaks). Place the insertion point within the section for which you want to change the paper tray, make sure the Applies To field in the Paper tab of the page setup dialog box is set to "This section" and then follow the steps outlined above.
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