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    Default Linux - boot problem.

    Hi, (told I'd be back b m)
    Two probs. First one is one I forgot about last time - at the end of an install, or sometimes when shutting down, this appears:

    Unmounting filesystems...

    And then some directories.

    Problem is, it pauses on /proc/bus/usb

    The only work-around is to hit reset.

    How do I fix this?

    Secondly (and more importantly)

    now whenever I boot to linux (using lilo or the boot floppy)
    the boot hangs with the following error:

    Kernel panic : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on 03:07

    I sort of understand what it means, but a linux for dummies explanation, and a way to fix it would be appreciated.

    I am now on my fifth linux install in three days, and this is the second time it has happened. Although the last time it was on the first boot, this time things have been working relatively fine till now (ie this latest install has been booted four or five times already with no probs)

    I am determined to get this to work.

    G P

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    Default Re: Linux - boot problem.

    The first problem has gone away hasn't it? ;>(.
    The second problem: the message means that it has tried to mount the partition which it knows as /dev/hda7 as the 'root' (not the superuser called root) directory. And couldn't. Basically, that means that the system is broken, to the extent that you need to reinstall, unless you have a copy of the kernel on a dos partition you could boot up with loadlin.exe. Even then I'd assume that you have to reinstall. I suspect that PM has left things so that Linux is fragile. I strongly urge you not to attempt to use anything but Linux to set up Linux partitions. Give it a disk containg WIN/DOS, and a big area not allocated to anything. Don't give up. There are plenty of good books about Linux ... check your public library. Or bookshop. I have installed Linux on nine or ten machines. I have rarely been satisfied or completely successful in one attempt. Practice makes nearly perfect.

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    Default Re: Linux - boot problem.

    The kernel panic is caused by it trying to mount the wrong partition.

    I think its trying to use /dev/hda7 (from a quick test).

    If you know the correct partition it should be using then, at the LILO prompt type in, eg:

    linux root=/dev/hda5

    or similar. You may have to guess.
    When you get the right one, you will need to edit /etc/lilo.conf. Change the line for the linux section so it has root=/dev/hda5 or what you used.

    You will then need to run the 'lilo' command to update lilo.

    Redhat probably has its own graphical program to do this for you.

    If you can't get it to boot, then boot into DOS and run 'fdisk /mbr' to restore the dos boot loader and run the redhat installer again.
    And remove any existing linux partitons.
    The manual for manually setting up the partitions is here:

    Another thing to note is the maximum size for a swapfile is 128mb (although you can have more than one), its unlikley you need any more.

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    Default Re: Linux - boot problem.

    128M max swap partition?

    That's not correct information.

    To avoid pretty much all boot problems, just do 2 simple things:

    - put LILO into mbr
    - put HDD into LBA mode (BIOS)

    This will ensure LILO has picked up all available OS_es and LILO's ability to find Linux boot image even if it's written after 1024th cylynder.

    Of course, your HDD should have enough free (unpartitioned) space prior to installation.

    Put swap partition closer to the beginning of the HDD.

    Do the above if you really need Windose. If not, wipe it off the HDD and install Linux only - RH 7.1 works great.

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