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    Hello. I have a Canon MP280. I cannot print because whenever paper gets drawn in it goes in 2 cm and then it jams. When i pull the paper out, the middle-right corner of the paper has a small cut, from where it jammed into something. I tried turning the printer around and shaking, in case a coin fell in, reaching in whit a kitchen knife that won't actually cut to feel around and with my fingers but nothing seems to be there. Do you think it could be anything of a technical nature? Thanks.

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    Sticking a kitchen knife into your printer is NOT the brightest of ideas

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    no, a knife is not a good idea at all

    the best thing to do for that (if you suspect something is jammed in there - moths are bad for that - and bits of kids lollies etc hehe)

    anyway, as I was saying, the best thing for that is a piece of stiff cardboard (not too thick tho obviously) A4 size which you push thru from the front right thru and pull it out the back.

    If that doesn't fix it, there is probably nothing stuck.

    The next thing I'd look at would be the paper feeder mechanism
    It drives the (eliptical) rubber wheel that feeds the paper thru, and is usualy a type of (plastic) gear, which sometimes "jumps a tooth" - then you will never get it to feed paper again without jamming exactly as you describe, until the gear is again meshed in the right place.

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