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    Default Sticking a magnet to something

    Easy enough question, but thought I'd ask for the best solution.

    Have a timer that I'd like to stick a small magnet (strip?) on the back (plastic) for putting and moving on a metal frame. Where's the best place to buy a magnet (something thin I suppose) and what's the best way to stick (glue?) it on?

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    Default Re: Sticking a magnet to something

    Magnetic tape

    other stuff, including neodymium magnets (super-strong, are dangerous in larger sizes (can trap body parts if mishandled )).
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    Default Re: Sticking a magnet to something

    try a signwriter and see if their have some off cuts. If you were in wellington I would have a bucket load for you
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    Default Re: Sticking a magnet to something

    Flexible magnetic strip is basically capable of holding itself on to ferrous surfaces, but not a great deal more. Neodymium magnets have got remarkable tenacity. Either cyano-acrylic or epoxy adhesives work well on well prepared surfaces. If the timer has a polypropylene case, gluing is pretty tricky except for double sided tape, 3M is dependable but many of the lesser brands are only good for being cheap. Another option is the self adhesive Velcro strip, where again, cheap is not often value for money.
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