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    Default Speaker problem/Conversion issue

    I wish to copy my collection of vinyl records to digital format. I downloaded Audacity, then connected my turntable to the phono input in my tuner. I connected my tuner “tape out” to the blue input on my computer sound card. When I start my record, I am unable to detect any signal received by my computer. Additionally, I no longer am able to hear any sound from the computer speakers. If I unplug the speaker cable from the sound card and plug it into the headphone jack in the front of my CPU, the speakers work fine. I have looked at every control that I can think of and see no evidence that I have muted the sound. Even if I disconnect the cable from my tuner, my speakers do not work from the sound card connection. I assume if the sound card were defective, then I could not get sound from my headphone connection. Does anyone have a suggestion how that I might correct the problem with my speakers. Additionally, any suggestions as to why I am unable to detect any signal from my tuner. Thanks, Thiggy

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    Default Re: Speaker problem/Conversion issue

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