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    Default Ie6 installation problems

    I have tried to install ie6 several times, also tried repair in add/remove programs, but get a message that several files are still at 5.5 version, also cannot print, and have lost my Help and Support (error 2147143677)
    Have successfully installed Netscape from CD rom though!)
    I have Windows ME and Epson Stylus Color 760 printer

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    Default Re: Ie6 installation problems

    Hello there.
    Most of the time with these sorts of errors/problems it is a process of elimination. So the first thing I would do is completely uninstall Internet Explorer 6. Go into your windows programs folder and completely remove all traces of IE including the previous 5.5 Use the search function on the Start Menu to help you with this. Reboot and then reinstall Internet Explorer 6. You could also try uninstalling Netscape before the next IE installation to see if that is where the conflicts are. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Ie6 installation problems

    Have tried uninstalling,deleting everything ie, then after reinstalling, getting error message that I still have version 5.5 of several files, also script error message when I try to open control panel.
    The installation seemed to skip from about 5% to 89% in one leap. I have reinstalled Netscape in order to send this message. Any other ideas?

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