Hoping someone here might have a clue what is going on and possibly have a solution.

My internet server is through AT&T Yahoo. I use Outlook Express 6 as my mail program. I have a Hotmail account that is set up so I can send/receive using OE. In order to send emails, I have to add the account in my ATT Yahoo account and have it verified. In OE, I have to use the setting for outgoing mail using the ATT SMTP server.

I have done all that and it works just fine.

The problem is that when I use OE sending from my Hotmail account to send to another Hotmail account. When I access Hotmail on the web, the email has gone to the junk box and is marked by the "Smart Filter" as potentially dangerous.

The address it came from is listed in Hotmail as "safe" and, in fact, it is even the same as the account (sending Hotmail email to myself but using OE).

I have another email account with a different server extension (my work account) that I send using OE and Hotmail doesn't view it as Junk or unsafe when I send using it. Also, if the Hotmail email is sent to a Yahoo account, it goes through to the Inbox and no warnings.

I do not know if this is clear but if you have any ideas why this is happening, I'd appreciate your help. I use OE and my Hotmail account to send out group emails to my church and I don't want anyone to ever be concerned opening them.

Thank you