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I agree with the general sentiments that this is over the top - but it'll happen in all schools soon enough.

Couple of thoughts:

Apple are the most astute IT marketing company in the world. They have captured the imaginations of millions of teenagers who perceive iThings as sexy, slick, and cool.

Teachers find Apple machines easy to use and particularly capable with graphics and video. Apple in turn have done a stunning job capturing teachers as believers. You may recall 20 years ago the BBC computer also captured the teaching profession.

Teachers are under pressure to grasp technology because they are told it represents the future and parents believe their children must have it.

So...I think this school is wrong but I completely understand how they have become mislead.
Well it is happening now like it or not
Have a look at the video on this link

One of the big attractions is the huge number of educational apps available for the iPad.