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    Default Net usage application


    Looking for a net usage app for a Windows XP comp

    Client's son clicked on a link while playing Runescape and now they seem to have burned off 3GB within 24 hours; which is highly excessive for client and her kids.

    I would just like an application that shows how much is going out by whatever app/process via the network card; and if possible, where to.
    I am thinking that some little program was downloaded and essentially the computer is now a drone.

    Also; anyone know of any laws (esp U.S.) that may have been contravened by these so-called "mates" on Runescape? Might get the lil buggers
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    Default Re: Net usage application

    Is a basic traffic meter.

    Netstat will show connection endpoints, or cports &/or smartsniff from nirsoft.
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    Default Re: Net usage application

    Or TUC

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