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Thread: Skype 5.6

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    Default Skype 5.6

    Is it worth the download and the best site to get it from?.

    I have at the moment. using XP3.

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    Default Re: Skype 5.6

    When you run Skype let it auto update (it's usually more than happy to update itself, to the point of sometimes driving me insane). Its usually worth doing and if you must download it go to the Skype website (

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    Default Re: Skype 5.6

    I believe Skype 5.6 is available: the update tells me that I have the latest version at, so the reason for this posting.

    Thanks for answering. Ron..

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    Default Re: Skype 5.6

    the download link for 5.6 is off here

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    Default Re: Skype 5.6

    Best to let it update (if it has this function) or download it from Skype's official website.
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    Throw it away and use Ekiga instead
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