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    Default Why won't my usb charger charge my mp3 player?

    I bought a generic MP3 player (something like this one) and a USB charger like this one.

    When I plug the charger into the player, the player screen lights up for a few seconds, then goes out again. There is no indication that the player is being charged via the small battery charging icon on the screen.

    I want to be able to charge the player using something other than my PC. What might be going on and how can I fix it?

    Thanks and appreciation!
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    Default Re: Why won't my usb charger charge my mp3 player?

    Just leave it for a few hours and see how much charge it has taken. My Sony walkman does the same but ends up fully charged.

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    Default Re: Why won't my usb charger charge my mp3 player?

    Likewise with my DSE MP3 player. It is the normal operation to switch off the screen if no activity is noted on the touch screen in order to save battery power.

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    Default Re: Why won't my usb charger charge my mp3 player?

    broken wire inside the cable
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