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Thread: AMD A8 Vision

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    Default AMD A8 Vision

    I see Harvey Norman are now selling Samsung Laptops which list the new AMD A8 Vision processor with the Quad core Radeon Graphics card
    Is this a good setup or is the intel i7 core a better processor

    Thanks Ron

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    Default Re: AMD A8 Vision

    quad core gfx? dont you mean cpu. Also what i7 and what A8? I'm going to say the i7 will probably be better but there are some pretty **** ones out there.

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    Default Re: AMD A8 Vision

    The i7 is a better CPU, but the onboard GPU in the Vision destroys any Intel graphics chipset, especially the A8-35xx as they include the Mobile Radeon 6620. But an i7 + a standalone GPU will destroy it. It's more comparable (in both performance and price) to the i3's and lower-end i5s.
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