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    I have MS IE 5.5, Lucent Win Modem, Celeron 600. When I am surfing the internet, the computer intermittently stops responding. It remains connected to the internet, but the little modem lights in the bottom right hand corner of the screen stop flashing. If I double-click them the connection box comes up, but the Bytes rec'd and sent numbers remain static. It says like this for about 10-15 seconds then starts working again. Nothing seems to get it working again, like clicking refresh, or links; I just have to wait. Any suggestions?

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    Firstly, This may be a problem related to your ISP.

    Secondly, it could be your Winmodem. These are notorious for problems associated with connection reliability, and speed - they often crash too. Try looking for updated drivers.

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    Join the club.

    Go to university and get an engineering degree. Build a bridge and GET OVER IT (hahah)
    Welcome to the real world.

    But on a more serious note you could try downloading the lastest drivers for your modem at
    But it could also be a problem with the servers at the other end. The fact that your still connected indicates your not being dissconnected by your isp but bandwidth issues/time of the day etc contibute to poor performance.If they are overseas sites your surfing to remember that new york was once a major gateway to the USA.


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    I had the same problem - the connection would stall and I had to click send/receive in Outlook Express to get things running again.

    I swapped my win modem with a name brand one from another computer and still had a problem. Connect speed was never more than 44000 (more often than not 31200)and connection stalled regularly. So I tried both computers from the same location, dialing the same isp and using the same log in details, one after another. Guess what? Same problem on both.

    I then dialled another isp (used by the other computer)and both connected at 52000, with no apparent stalling. I run a series of downloads and browsing tests over a weekend, varying which computer and isp's I used.

    The tests confirmed one thing... One ISP seemed to have a bottleneck bandwidth problem, the other didn't.

    I rung the ISP about the problems and they suggested it was the line, which I had faults check and they confirmed it was fine. They then said to reinstall TCP/IP which I did but of course it made no difference. They also suggested init strings on the modem to limit the connection speeds, or disable V90 to get a secure connection. My question is this...

    How can it be attributed to a modem problem, line problem, or PC setting problem if a different ISP can perform so much better using the same settings?

    Maybe the ISP's capacity has been reached. They have increased their flat rate to deter people, and their support staff feign ignorance when you say you have heard others with the same issue.

    Don't just query your win modem. If it was working fine before, with your existing driver then try another ISP.


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    Me too, to all of the above.
    I also have 2 computers, different modems (winmodem & external Dynalink)
    Done all the dialup replacements TCIP etc, ping tests, line tests blah blah and it is the same now as it was 6 months ago, useless!!
    One thing I have noticed though on both machines I dual boot with Mandrake on one and Redhat on the other and the connections rock, no problems at all.
    Anyway I've had a gutsful especially when I got a letter the other day telling me my monthly charges were going up so they could continue to bring me the excellent service I have become accustomed to, hah!
    Ihug here I come.

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