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    Default wacom graphire handwriting

    Hi there,
    I was using Wacom tablet for handwriting and convertion it to printed text ok in Office 2003. Writing was in a writing pad that usually was in the office document window. Now it's gone, the writng pad.I can still use drawing pad but no "write anywhere".
    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: wacom graphire handwriting

    I am not sure in regards to office. but I amusing the tablet. panel with my new wacom tablet, although my handwriting is bloodY terrible, of seems to recognise most of my writing when I don't make mistakes every where.

    translation - I'm using the tablet pc input panel to write this with my new wacom tablet that I bought a few days ago.
    I just right clicked start menu, toolbars, tablet pc input panel.

    Also had to reenable the service via msconfig since I disabled it when I first built this pc thinking 'ahh I'll never get a touch or tablet anything'

    A year later....
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