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    Default Help, can this be true,

    Sorry about this, scroll down for info,Cic.............


    Quite interesting this, actually what benefit is it for UK to give away so much to developing third world, particularly when we ourselves are so much in the proverbial.
    Comparitive figures for France are 40 million , Germany 35 million....UK wait for it...... 785 million.
    How on earth can we afford this?
    How can this Government justify aid to this all consuming "bottomless pit".
    We have had over 50 years of giving out hand outs and all its does is perhaps save a few thousand extra people in such countries, which usually due to war, weather or famine means the good old UK has to pay to keep these extra people alive as well.......
    Basically we see adverts of kids having to walk 5 miles a day to get fresh water....
    Answer to that is: move nearer the bloody well then!!!
    And if their parents didn't breed so much in places where water or food is scarce then even if the kid still had to walk 5 miles the water container would not be so heavy for them would it.
    We cannot afford to morally balance the why on earth do we bother....
    Oxfam look back at UK mainland instead of focussing thousands of miles away
    Please forward this and speak about it to others.
    The so-called Cuts ignore the vast cost of the EU and International Aid.
    Nothing short of criminal.

    How angry do people have to get? - Read this and weep!


    We're "broke" & can't help: -
    Our own Senior Citizens,
    Our own deserving Troops,
    Our Orphans,
    And the Homeless
    Etc . . . Etc. . . Etc. . .

    In the last month alone we have provided aid to: -

    Haiti - again!,
    Chile ,
    Turkey ,
    Greece ,
    Pakistan - again. . ..
    Amongst others

    Our pensioners are living on a 'fixed income'
    Receive no aid, or get any breaks, while our
    Government and religious organizations pour

    Hundreds of Millions of 's
    And Tons of Food
    ALL to Foreign Countries!

    We have thousands of adoptable children who are shoved aside
    WHY . . . .
    To make room for the adoption of foreign orphans!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Britain - a country where we have: -
    Homeless without shelter,
    Children and adults going to bed hungry,
    Elderly going without 'needed' medication,
    The mentally ill without treatment -etc,etc.


    They are requesting donations for the people of Pakistan .. . ..

    A country that trains British Muslim extremists
    How to BOMB & KILL us!!!!

    A country that ploughs millions into its nuclear programme!!!

    A country with hundreds of millionaires who do sod all
    For THEIR own countrymen!!!.

    The same country that has passed laws so these
    Rich people don't pay ANY taxes!!!

    The same country where most of the aid sent
    DOES NOT reach the ones in need!!!

    ...and we have - Yet AGAIN . .
    TV stations that are spouting WE are letting these people down!!!
    Whilst OUR ships And OUR planes
    (laughably some are Military ones)
    All lined up to fly and crammed full with:
    Our food . .
    Our Bottled Water!!! . ..
    Our New Tents . .
    Our New Clothes . .... .
    Our New Bedding . . .
    OUR NHS Doctors & Nurses
    And OUR medical supplies . ..
    Whilst UK cancer patients are denied life saving drugs!!!
    And some of our OWN - from children to pensioners -
    Go to bed hungry!!!

    Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave 'US'

    The same support they give to other countries.

    Sad isn't it?
    "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Cicero

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    On a need to know basis....

    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    Good rant! Too true.

    _____Nothing is hidden that cannot be revealed______

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    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    A good read, appealing mostly to the extreme right wing of society. Elements of truth, most likely, and probably out-of-context examples and/or non attributed sources to give it impact. Typical propaganda.

    It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument. -William G. McAdoo, lawyer and politician (1863-1941)

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    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    Bet it appeared in a USA publication first

    Total anti-government crap....................

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    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    Nice to see the lefties our out of bed.
    "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Cicero

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    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    I agree with the general sentiment of "Look after your own back yard first". Sure, if everything's good n happy at home, then help out. But I agree, too many of our own problems are overlooked in favour of helping others who don't even try to help themselves.
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    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    Yes it is rather 'right-wing' extremist, but the underlying values can certainly be taken into consideration.

    I totally agree with the taking care of ones own back yard first, but having said that there are a few other things worth looking at.

    People having large families in under-developed countries.
    As there is no such thing as the elderly benefit over in these countries, no family = you work until they day you die. And if you only have one child and that child becomes ill/moves away - there goes your elderly help. Its a vicious cycle...

    I too have often wondered about the whole 'walk 2 hours just to get water'. Why not go nomad, and live closer to said water, and move to new water when that dries up.

    Some of the poverty in our 'own back yard' is self inflicted. While it is hard to get dream jobs etc, there is usually some form of seasonal work or 'working class' jobs available. Unfortunately due to alcohol/drug abuse, some of the poor in our countries have no intention of changing - which is sad as their children bear the brunt of this.

    Yea... if the rich in those countries actually helped their own countrymen the world would be a better place. But there is this unfortunate thing called greed and selfishness that prevents this.

    The main reason I think a lot of people give to these charities that try to deal with these problems is a moral silencing. Most people would have a hard job watching a documentary on children starving to death etc and not showing any emotion and some form of moral obligation as humans to help, so we do what is easiest - make a donation to said charity so we can carry on telling ourselves we are good people and are doing our bit.
    While this isn't a bad thing, the poverty in our own countries isn't nearly as extreme as it is over there. We have hungry children yes, and it is sad, however we don't have hundreds and thousands dying each week from starvation.

    Meh, back to work... could talk about this all day
    Quote Originally Posted by Cicero View Post
    Thats a good idea,and everybody should be whipped if they disagree.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cicero View Post
    We like to live on the edge.

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    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    Concur 100%,

    To add insult to injury, the current British Government has not only ring-fenced foreign aid, but has increased it by 50% while cutting all sorts of essential services at home. The country's Police Services are having their budgets reduced by 20% over the next 4 years, in spite of the riots and lawlessness the country has experienced in recent weeks.

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    Default Re: Help, can this be true,

    Be careful what you write Cic else you may be accused of being a racist fascist advocate of apartheid, one of the penalties for telling it how it is.

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