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    Default Its Official - Its cold

    We have a very light snow at present falling in New Plymouth.
    Everyone i talk to who has lived her for more than 50+ years has never seen that
    South Island must be freezing. No wonder the southlanders roll their "R"s, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    It's bloody cold in Auckland as well, a high of 9
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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    About the same as last time here in Chch - and it's still coming down ...
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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    Yes, its cold here in Auckland, we just got some hail a few mins ago.

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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    In eastern Christchurch seems to be about 4inches with drifts around us up to about a foot.

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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    We are expecting a high of 4 in Invercargill today. We have had light snow overnight. My lawns are lightly covered in white with grass blades showing through. I am not in the mood for mowing lawns today. The snow falls are patchy. You can see patches of blue sky but mostly black cloud. We are expecting things to get better on Wednesday. We will continue to send the weather north.

    The road between Gore and Palmerston is closed. We can only go as far as Gore if travelling north from Invercargill at this stage.

    This is the state of the roads for the South Island.
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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    It's 11 degrees out on my deck, cold wind though, no hail, showers earlier.
    Sunny at the same time.
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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    You don't say?

    Funny, in Nelson there is hardly a cloud in the sky, its a beautiful sunny day. There is a cold southerly, but out of the wind it's very nice. Funny that NZ can have such weather extremes such a short distance away!
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    Default Re: Its Official - Its cold

    First morning I've actually had to wear a coat walking to work. nice to have some actual cold...

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