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    Default Slimline CD cases

    Anyone know where to get hold of some slimline CD cases for music CD singles? Ones that will fit a J-Card. I've got some broken ones I'd like to replace.

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    Default Re: Slimline CD cases

    Warehouse stationary or Dicky smith

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    Default Re: Slimline CD cases


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    Default Re: Slimline CD cases

    Computer Food

    You are a bit spoiled for choice

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    Default Re: Slimline CD cases

    Nope, the Dick Smith/PBTech/etc ones aren't the same. They only take a square cd-booklet.

    The ones i'm after are for music CD-singles that have a J-Card as in the link I posted before.

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    Default Re: Slimline CD cases

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    Default Re: Slimline CD cases

    Cheers rob_on_guitar. They look to have what i'm after.

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    Default Re: Slimline CD cases

    Got some from Slowboat Records in Cuba St - $1 each, cheaper than getting them online with the postage charges.
    JBs & Marbecks didn't have any.

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