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    Default Anyone tried these guys...

    Just curious who has had dealings with

    Good? Bad?

    Need a power supply for a laptop and these guys have them.
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    Default Re: Anyone tried these guys...

    I've bought some ram off them a while ago.
    Went into the shop in Aldwins Rd, not online.
    Was dirt cheap and worked well.
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    Default Re: Anyone tried these guys...

    We had dealings with this company when they were still over in Curries Road in Woolston and at that time they were good to deal with both on line and directly.

    They then moved to Aldwins Road and the service went down. In saying that though, we were dealing with one specific person that seemed to have a real attitude problem and constantly spoke down to us and managerment there at the time seemed to turn a blind eye to poor customer service. We ended up walking away and taking our business else where.

    That is a couple of years ago though so things may have got better....or not....since then

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