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    Default comparing dates in excel

    Dear god I need some help on this, this is doing my head in....

    I have extensively googled this and tried various approaches to no avail.

    I have a column of dates in general format, I want to compare them with todays date say, if its greater than returns 1, less than returns 0.

    the latest attempt:
    just returns 'n' no matter what I make AB2

    If I try and change the cells to Date format it then just returns a "Y'.

    I dunno what I'm doing wrong.

    The date column is imported from another system thats why its in general format as 02.03.2011.

    would really appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: comparing dates in excel

    Try putting the format into a proper excel formula =date(,dd)
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    Default Re: comparing dates in excel

    Try a find & replace (CTRL + H) on the 02.02.2011 etc (replace . with / to give a 'proper' date format) becomes 02/02/2011.

    This worked for me. Would not work with the date format you have (02.02.2011).

    Formula I used was: =if(A1>today(),"yes","no") where A1 contains the date to compare to today.

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    Default Re: comparing dates in excel

    If you have no control over the imported text & you have to re-import it (so doing the Ctrl+H thing every time is impractical), you can dynamically convert to date format before doing the comparison using the formula:


    So in your example, you'd end up with


    (assuming G2 was your imported date)
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