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    Salary and wage rates rose 1.9 per cent in the year to March, at a slightly faster pace than the 1.7 per cent gain in the year to December according to official figures.

    More people are starting to get a pay rise, but the average wage increases are about the same. About 56 per cent got a pay rise in the March year, up from 53 per cent in the December year.
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    Good news if you get it every year but you need about a 7% these days to keep anywhere close to the cost of living in NZ over the past couple of years. I guess the company I work for wasn't one of these who gave a pay rise last year or for about the past 6 years..

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    Wages are rising much less than the cost of living, with high prices for food and fuel hitting household budgets, a union group says.

    But some bank economists say after tax cuts and lower mortgage rates, people are better off than a year ago.

    Labour cost index figures show salary and wage rates rose 1.9 per cent in the year to March, inching up from the 1.7 per cent in the year to December. Inflation is running at 4.5 per cent, with consumers hit again by higher petrol prices yesterday, up to a record of almost $2.22 a litre.
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