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Thread: N85 on Vodafone

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    Default N85 on Vodafone

    Any reason why I cant pull the sim out of my Telecom N85 and put a Vodafone one in, and then what other changes would I need to make.


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    Default Re: N85 on Vodafone

    There is a specific "AT&T-friendly" (Same as XT) model available. The two networks aren't interchangeable on this phone, I believe.
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    Default Re: N85 on Vodafone

    There's no changes you can make, but it should "just work".

    AFAIK, the difference between Telecom & Vodafone is that XT is 3G-only (no GSM), plus uses 850MHz for data (& I think 2100 in metro areas), whereas Vodafone uses 900/2100 for data & 900/1800/1900 for voice.

    So the net result is that you may have poor/slow (or nonexistent?) data coverage outside the main centres. Not sure about the nonexistent bit, maybe Vodafone will run 2G data, which means you could get a GPRS connection, but basically at dialup speed.
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    its going to end up just being voice and txt (mainly txt) and any browsing will use the wifi at home or elsewhere so we may be ok. I know we had a nokia on the vodafone network that we just swapped sims over to Telecom so hoping it will be the same.

    this gives me some confidence it will work
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