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    Default Electric Cars = More Nuclear Generators

    I just watched a bunch of talking heads* on TV here and they are all wringing their hands over a problem that is just now cropping up due to the well-into play use of hybrid and electric cars/trucks and their thirst for captured electrons.

    The electro-cars are all supposed to turn that size 13 carbon footprint into a size 3 or 4 and that's not working out quite like they* thought it would.

    How could THEY* have been wrong? They* are well-intentioned after all!

    It seems that the US infrastructure power grid cannot support all the cars that are sucking Wattage now at the electron bars around the place - especially in San Francisco.

    OK - let 'em use wind turbines and solar power - right?

    Nope. F'rinstance: solar only represents less than 3% of the capable load if the sun shines 24 hours a day and there are no Winter seasons any more -- which is also where/when the doomsayers* pop off about nuclear winter and all if we darken the skies with demon coal soot or oil smog or any other permutation of liquified dinosaurs going up a stack in the form of waste.

    Wind power however, could work well in Washington D.C.

    This new and un-prophesied electrical load is just starting to show up and the market isn't even anywhere near 2% of the total auto-impact of the electrics demands - yet. Projections for the numbers electric cars and sales of same are supposed to take a huge spike now that gasoline is at an all-time record high in the US.

    Are there any OTHER energy sources available to the US?

    WELL ::: Coal can be liquified and burned in high heat furnaces creating steam to drive the turbines to make electricity and then the stack gasses can be scrubbed to keep them clean and take any residual carbon out of the escaping waste - but that's not good enough for the tree huggers*.

    Besides - coal is so - er, black!

    Besides - that coal footprint in the form of a liquified slurry is HAZ-MAT now and must be disposed of correctly - which means - well, I dunnow!

    Oil is out of the logical window too as the Eco-heads* want to cut OPEC out of the profit loop - that's gotta be a reason - right? It SOUNDS noble at least.

    So they* won't EVEN HEAR of a nuclear generator being built in any neighborhood nor anyone else's backyard. They're dangerous and they foul the air anyway when they go China Syndrome - right?

    Well - think of this:::

    More coal minors die of mine shaft collapses and gasses that kill them in ONE HALF YEAR than all the people who have died from nuclear radiation - not counting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of course.

    So - by insurance actuarial charts, coal mining is a dangerous job and that's not a viable power source. OK - I'll buy that.

    But then where are they* gonna get all the crickets to rub their legs and create electricity "somewhere - but NIMBY" (Not In My Back Yard)?

    Hindsight is 20/20 - but looking at your freezing behind is something else again.

    There is no foresight - their crystal ball needs a recharge (if the sun comes out long enough).

    * = Nutso green gas worry warts and tree frog saviors. And politicians - don't forget the politicians.

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    Default Re: Electric Cars = More Nuclear Generators

    It's more or less the same here, blathering on about electric cars without any thought of where the electricity will come from. We don't have enough generating capacity to supply existing demands with any safety factor.

    (And then there is continual desire from many to see increased immigration and a larger population )

    And to boot, nice expression that, every time there is a proposal to build new plant, like tidal power, a new dam, or more wind farms, or even new power lines the greenies and half the populace are up in arms against it.

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    Default Re: Electric Cars = More Nuclear Generators

    And then they complain about underwater turbines being built on the seafloor. I'm all for renewable energy sources, but you've got to give SOMEWHERE.

    These idiots don't realise that turbines and wind power and even nuclear power, despite the dangers, have alot of potential. Go nuclear as a last resort, make the plants state owned (japans are privately owned).
    I don't think it's the fact that we're using so much power, it's how we're getting it. Consuming coal and the like and getting gas as a result isn't nearly as efficient as using an ever-renewing/continuous source like wind or the tides.
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    Default Re: Electric Cars = More Nuclear Generators

    People have been making this point since electric cars were first considered, if They* (to borrow the OP's term) are surprised to find electricity has to come from somewhere then They* lose whatever shred's of credibility they have.

    Battery powered electric cars will never be a mainstream solution in my opinion, there are just too many issues. For eg manufacturing the batteries is expensive, not efficient, and they are very toxic to dispose of when they wear out. Add to that the "carbon footprint" (stupid concept from start to finish) of the required power generation and they just aren't viable. All they have going for them is cheap fuel and that could well change if they became mainstream.

    Generating your own power via fuel cells or some other technology could however be viable, as could alternative fuels for combustion engines. If methanol could be produced cheaply for eg it burns much cleaner than petrol and works in existing engines with very little modification.
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    Default Re: Electric Cars = More Nuclear Generators

    The real point is anything made in China is made with power from Coal powered
    generators. So just how green is that electric/hybrid car really (its not)
    made in Japan, EU, US, then its made using power from Nukes.Perhaps the spent nuke fuel should be packaged in with the green products being made

    Turns out the golf diesel was much more fuel effecient than the Prius anyway.

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    Default Re: Electric Cars = More Nuclear Generators

    According to Top Gear - the Prius is beat out by a Ferrari anyway - A BIG Ferrari - for both economy and less footprint after you factor in the mining of the rare earth minerals, smelting them, shipping them to the US for purification, then back to China to be assembled into cells then shipped to Europe somewhere to be encased in plastic and then back to Japan to be fitted into the cars and then shipped back to the US or Europe for sales.

    They start out with 55 years of carbon negative credits before the hit the showroom.

    I think I got that trail more or less correct - those guys on Top Gear don't move their lips when they talk.

    The Stig talks better sometimes.

    Warum werden wir so früh alt und klug so spät?

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