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    Default Printing a .prn file?

    Hello there

    I created a card on MSPublisher 98, Saved to Print, then copied the file and put it on another PC without the host program.

    OK, but how do I get to printout this .prn file from the 2nd PC.

    Ive Right clicked on the .prn file, and looked in the Printer Folder, but cannot see an option to Print.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Hi John,

    So you have found the 'Print to file' click box in the print options and now want to send this file this file to the printer. Sure no problems.

    First thing to note though is that this file has to be specific to the printer that's plugged into your printer port! If you send a file designed for one model of printer to a different type of printer, you're likely to end up with a mess.

    Anyway how to print the file. As you have found there is no easy double clicking on the file and it prints. You will need to go to your Dos promt (If your using WINme bad luck ;-) )

    You will need to have dos looking at the location you have stored the PRN file. eg if you have saved the file to your desktop then dos would need to be looking at your desktop 'c:\windows\desktop>' Now at the prompt type: copy yourdoc.prn LPT1 /B which should then output the file to the printer.

    If you were planing to print to a prn file and then onto a printer this process could be made more automated. Open Notepad and type 'copy /B '%1 LPT1' and save it as prnprinter.bat

    Then in Windows Explorer go to View / Options / File types and click on New Type. Type Printer file in the Description of type box, and prn in the Associated extension box, then click on the New button. In the Action box type Print, and then use the browse button to find the prnprinter.bat Click through all the oks. Now all you need to do will be to double click on the prn file and it will print.


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    Default Re: Printing a .prn file?

    Good stuff, I can use this, thanks.

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