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    Default Linux RPM giving me a hard time

    Hey there, another small question - I downloaded the accelerated Nvidia drivers for my TNT2 off of their website, but upon trying to install the first of two RPM files (NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-1541.rh71up.i386.rpm), I get the following error:

    'error: NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-1541.rh71up.i386.rpm does not appear to be a RPM package'

    This is confusing, and I've redownloaded the files twice, so either Nvidia have packaged this file incorrectly, or yeah, something is wrong.

    I'm using the command 'rpm -ivh NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-1541.rh71up.i386.rpm' and am ending up with the above error.

    Suggestions, fixes, anything?
    please help me - I can't take much more of this low refresh rate - my eyes are in pain

    Thanks alot to everyone so far,
    Jonathan Giles

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    Default Re: Linux RPM giving me a hard time

    Hi, just had a look at the site and agree you have got the right ones, All I can think of is emailing there support and asking them because your right they should work!

    Sorry I can't be more help

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    Default Re: Linux RPM giving me a hard time

    Thanks, I wasn't sure who's problem it was, I'm going to email them now - here's hoping for a quick response - this flickering is killing me

    Thanks alot,

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    Default Re: Linux RPM giving me a hard time

    Actually, I note they have slightly older drivers available to download also, so I think I might give the most recent of those a download.

    And then I'll just wait for the next release - they probably just packaged them incorrectly.


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    Default Re: Linux RPM giving me a hard time

    If RPM says that, it is generally right. Are you sure that the FTP download was in binary mode? This has always been a nasty trap. ASCII files transmitted as binary are salvageable ... binary files transmitted in ASCII mode are *spoiled*(to put it politely. (To say nothing of the files in Simtel which were once stored on a couple of DEC-10s in the US desert).
    If you have successfully downloaded most of the RH distrib. your system must have been defaulting to binary, but has something changed?

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    Default Re: Linux RPM giving me a hard time

    Nothings changed, downloaded these two RPM's in the same fashion as I downloaded Redhat Linx 7.1.

    I also tried the .tar.gz files, got errors with those too.

    I'll give it a try later in the year,

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