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    Qouting from my Mainboard manual:

    I have Chaintech Model CT-6ATA2 with three DRAM slots 3.3v, 168 PIN DIMM.

    The manual says the maximum suport is 384MB (128MB each).

    I was given a 256MB RAM chip and installed in the system of course it only recorgnised 128MB.

    Is there any way to get the maximum RAM amount increased thorugh BIOS updates etc or is it just a physical limitation?

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    You have pretty much answered your own question..If a bios upgrade dosn't do it. Then theres nothing more you can do.

    That is the order of things


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    No, you just can't do anything. ok?

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    If that's what the manual says, it's probably a hardware limitation. The extra address line would have cost a measurable amount more to make.
    If you want to upgrade from 128M to 384M, why not advertise to swap your 256M for 2 128Ms. Someone wanting to upgrade a more modern board would jump at that.

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