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    Default password on docs

    I was wondering how you put a password on a word document in word 97.
    thanks Sam.

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    Default Re: password on docs

    Hi Sam

    Go to 'save as' click on 'options' and you have read only and full password


    Ro ger

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    Default Re: password on docs

    Yup, i agree with ro ger. just do wat he suggested and u'r be a ok!

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    Default Re: password on docs

    Just don't forget the password. Write it down and keep that in a safe place. Not in the 'safe place' where everything disappears to. Some password systems can be cracked easily, others are harder.

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    Default Re: password on docs

    There is a wide selection of password crackers available for word, so I wouldn't use it on anything too important.

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