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    Help.... I've lost both my CD and CD-RW drives. This is after trying to install Adaptec EasyCD software program to enable me to use my CD-RW drive to write to CD-RW disks. All I have now on the device manager is yellow exclamations over both the CD drives. I have tried uninstalling them and re booting, but they are detected again and I have the same result. Had this problem some months ago, and had to reinstall my operating system (Windows 2000) to fix, but I dont want to do that if I can find the correct solution.
    Thanks for any help.

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    I've heard that Win2000 and Adaptec EasyCD don't go down all that well. Give Nero a try from

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    you dont say what version of easy cd creator you have installed ,have a look at the following link for updates & patches. cheers steve

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    have also struck a similar problem to this. What my problem was a confict been windows media player 7 and adaptec easy cd creator/direct cd.
    If you have these programs installed then this may be your problem.

    What the fault is that windows media player 7 installs unpon default a cd creator plugin so you can burn cds from windows media player 7.

    To Fix the problem Uninstall both media player 7 (make sure the whole program is removed, no plugins left behind) and the whole easy cd package as well.
    After rebooting you should find your cdrw and cdrom in my computer now with no exclmation marks!.

    Ok now to install these products so that can can co-exist together.
    1) Install easy cd creator package. Apply all the necceray updates from the roxio web site. (

    2) Now comes installing media player 7 (good thing it is on the lastest pc world cover disk and its the latest version). Choose a custom install. Scroll down through the plugins remove the tick next to adaptec create cd plugin. After rebooting you will find that your cdrw is still in explorer and that the easy cd package and media player playing are co-existing together quite well


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    Thanks Jess. Exactly as you described.

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