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    Default PC won't let me run anything important

    I was cleaning up my PC and deleted a whole 100+ files, installers, random things I downloaded from the internet. I went to "Empty My Recycle Bin" and when it emptied my computer gave me a blue screen that I had less than 2 seconds to look at and restarted.

    It restarted and I was able to log in (as the admin); however I was not able to run any programs life Microsoft Office, a couple games, antivirus, malwarebytes, windows firewall, and most control panel options. I also am not able to look at device manager or computer properties.

    I can open task manager and have checked the processes and services and nothing looks out of place.

    A friend mentioned to try to rename antivirus programs and files because maybe this could just be a virus that blocks things like that. I've also tried restoring to an earlier date.. nothing has worked. I can't even get a hyjackthis log!

    It is a HP desktop, with Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit).

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    Default Re: PC won't let me run anything important

    You might have to do a factory reset then, unfortunately you will need to save any personal data first to another drive as a factory reset will put the computer back how it was the first time you turned it on

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    Default Re: PC won't let me run anything important

    You've deleted something critical then. Do a repair install.
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    Default Re: PC won't let me run anything important

    If you can find the BSOD in the system event log that might tell us something
    Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready.

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    Default Re: PC won't let me run anything important

    Quote Originally Posted by pctek View Post
    You've deleted something critical then. Do a repair install.
    First try doing a repair install from your recovery partition.

    Not a good idea deleting random files manually, this has caused your problem; if you want to remove programs, use the Programs & Features tool in Control Panel, and the only other stuff you can delete safely is the files and folders in the user documents folder (usually).

    To check your bluescreen, reboot and press F8, turn off auto-restart in the menu, and finish booting.
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    Default Re: PC won't let me run anything important

    Get this

    If you can get into windows, install then run it. Tell us what files are highlighted. And what it says what files caused it

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