After much thought, I decided to click on one of those "Google pays me xx$ an hour" ads.

I was redirected from a random ad url to a fake news story ("News Daily 7"). The site has only one page, the way to make money from home. Subsequently when I go to the homepage, it redirects to the story. It attempts to look like a news website but the toolbar and subsequent images link to another page, which I will describe below. It also proclaims that the story is also seen on TVNZ, new zealand herald and other popular sites. Bulls**t.

The next page seems much more ad-like, as there is a form that you fill out. There is also a counter, which supposedly counts down the number of positions that are available. In the small print, there is no registered company, and the legal leads to a 404 error.

After I entered some random details, I was directed to another webpage, where there was a "get started now" button, which I clicked. It immediately went onto a "Clickbank order form". Finally, there was a semi-real webpage, which didn't look dodgy or had flashing banners.

I didn't progress anymore, as my credit card details would have been severely compromised.

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