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    i have just looked at several website regarding Hardware Conflicts. I am currently wanting to install a Baby Tiger 28.8R modem (sometimes just called tiger 28.8r). But however it's any internal modem and when i set it up it only lets me to choose for it to either connect to the printer port (which is in use) or com 2 (because com 1 is in use) and so all i can do is stare at the screen. after i while, i tried to choose for it to connect to the com 2 but it just doesn't work, so i wanted to change the IRQ settings. But again it doesn't work either. So has any body got any ideas that might perhaps get my modem to work (at the moment there's only one free IRQ number thing...). Is there any way i could add more choices onto the list that appears during the installation process, or do any thing else that might help. Anyone not understand what i mean please just send a reply with your qurie. Thanks very much.

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    Hi SY, have you looked at the following link?

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    Let's get it going, what is the number of the IRQ that is free?

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    Hang on a sec, while you were asleep, I went to the above site that Steve recomended. You need to go to downloads there, and get Tiger 1.exe & Tiger 2.exe, set these up on 2 floppies. Run setup in Tiger 1 on a computer with a printer, doesn't matter if the computer hasn't got the tiger modem in it, get to the part where you have to read the installation instructions in setup and print them out. Then take the instructions and the 2 floppies to the computer with the modem installed and follow the instructions.

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    Thanks, but nothing there seems to help me a bit. IRQ 2 is free on my computer, but i just can't set in to anywhere else other that ltp1 or com2.

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