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    Default MS SQL Server 2000 - free 3 mth trial CD ?

    I'm currently trying to teach my self SQL with 'Teach yourself Transact SQL in 21 days' and could do with a copy of MS SQL Server 2000 on my home computer. I know I can download a free 3 mth trial from MS's web site, but at an estimate of 22hrs I am somewhat reluctant to try. Other texts do include a trial CD of SQL Server 2000 so I know its out there but how do I get my hands on a copy ????

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    hi Noel,
    if you are in Wellington I'm happy to download it and bung it on a writable CD for you. You'll have to come and get it though.
    Post an e-mail address and I'll get back to you.

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    Default Re: MS SQL Server 2000 - free 3 mth trial CD ?

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