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    Default areca 1260 RAID card - need to disable / wipe password HELP!


    bought an areca 1260 on ebay just migrated all my data off the drives Im going to use, installed the card but it looks like the old owner changed the default password.

    Ive tried the "master" password MNO...etc etc but that doesnt work (either in web console or mcRaid utility)

    Is there any way to wipe or disable the password if you dont know it? (Ive contacted the seller but havent heard back yet)

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    Default Re: areca 1260 RAID card - need to disable / wipe password HELP!

    Go to the Areca site, and see if it tells you there. Or send them an email

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    Default Re: areca 1260 RAID card - need to disable / wipe password HELP!

    The manufacture default password is set to 0000. The
    password option allows user to set or clear the password protection
    feature. Once the password has been set, the user can
    monitor and configure the controller only by providing the correct
    password. This feature is used to protect the SATA RAID
    system from unauthorized access. The controller will check the
    password only when entering the main menu from the initial
    screen. The system will automatically go back to the initial
    screen if it does not receive any command in 5 minutes. Do not
    use spaces when you enter the password, If spaces are used, it
    will lock out the user.
    To set or change the password, move the cursor to “Raid System
    Function” screen, press the “Change Password” item. The “Enter
    New Password” screen will appear.
    To disable the password, only press Enter key in both the “Enter
    New Password” and “Re-Enter New Password” column. The existing
    password will be cleared. No password checking will occur
    when entering the main menu.
    From here
    Click on Sata Raid Series Manual (top right).
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