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    Default Temp files in C:\WINDOWS

    I keep getting .tmp files in my Windows folder. The all begin with ffff.....tmp The rest is a long string different for each file. Whta progam would be putting them there? How can I get it to put them somewhere else for ease of deleting?

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    Graham, you don't mention what version of windows, but give this a go:
    Edit your autoexec.bat file (or create it if there isn't one) and insert the line: set temp=c:\windows\temp
    You could also add one for TMP to the same location (make sure the directory exists, create it if it doesn't). I can't see the entry in the registry on my machine, and I am sure there is a better way. I know they get set differently in NT, in the control panel, system I think.
    Give it a go.

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    Are you using WinME. If so this is a 'known' fault?. Each time you restart the computer for whatever reason, good or bad it creates two of those fffdd{972351276-176-12-65} files. If you select one and click properties they should contain 0kb. In win95/98 upon shut down this file was wiped. For some reason in WinME this has not been addressed. Every once in a while I delete those fff...tmp files with no visible problems.

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    if i remember correctly simply take the mdm.exe out of startup. u can delete the old temps.

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    Hi Graham

    I had exactly this problem with my Win98SE machine recently. The basic solution is to keep MDM.EXE from being loaded at startup. Your computer will work fine without it. See this page for a detailed explanation of the problem:;EN-US;Q221438


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    Thanks Rod, problem solved.

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