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Thread: PSU Power Usage

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    Default PSU Power Usage

    You know how psu's have a "w" number which equals the amount of power that it has/can take. Is there a way of measuring/seeing the amount of that number is being used?

    P.S sorry if that doesn't make sense I wasn't sure how to explain it.

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    Default Re: PSU Power Usage

    You mean Wattage?
    Probably the easiest way to do that in realtime is to go and buy a plug-in power meter at your local supermarket or hardware shop.
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    Default Re: PSU Power Usage

    I did see a "meter" at the Warehouse .... similar to a tap-on plug that goes ito the 3 pin wall socket and allows an appliance (heater, washing machine, dryer etc.) to then be plugged into that. It gives a reading of how much power you are using but couldn't say how accurate they'd be and can't remember what readings it gave.

    I think you were able to input the cost of a kWh - kilowatt hours - then it would tell you how many kWh you were using and also the cost.

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    Default Re: PSU Power Usage

    Microsoft research has the "joule-meter application" that calculates PC power consumption (not sure how it works, I just remember article I read a while back). For costing you need know the unit price/kilowatt (or whatever) of your power supplier. PC power consumption article.
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    Default Re: PSU Power Usage

    Hi, I have a meter built into my PSU & it reads on average 106-110 watts, don't know if that helps.

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