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Thread: bios failed

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    Default bios failed

    I read awdflash.exe to update my bios, and it failed leaving me with a PC that won't boot.

    Does anyone know if I can get an award bios replacement in NZ?

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    Default Re: bios failed

    what motherboard is it and what bios did u try to flash to it?
    do you get any error messages when trying to boot??

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    Default there is still hope

    sometimes even if bios flash failed.

    check to see when u turn power on, any floppy drive flash lights?

    if so, try blind update without any msg on-screen.

    of course, u need member key sequnces.

    good luck,

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    Default Re: bios failed

    I get nothing on the screen
    I hear the screen warm up and watch all the drives get power but there is nothing else

    I have an apollo mvp4 chipset from VIA, with an award bios

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    Default Re: bios failed

    need to know what MANAFACTURE.who made it. look on the motherboard for any markings/writting. if you flashed the bios you must know who the manafacture is in order for you to get the updated bios.

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