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    Default Huawei Smartax 882

    Anyone had probs with the above? it is the freebie from Vodafone.

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    Default Re: Huawei Smartax 882

    I know someone with one, or some kind of Huawei at least. Haven't actually seen it though or can comment on the quality of the hardware.

    Google image search for the insides should show if there are any crap brand capacitors etc.

    I did see somewhere that the Chinese may have been writing some backdoor into the firmware to allow remote access, though. Apparently USA banned their sale.
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    Default Re: Huawei Smartax 882

    The Smartax 882 is a very good low cost ADSL router. If you are on Vodafone in Auckland it precisely matches the Huawei SmartAX equipment in the exchange's. Otherwise it has complied with full Interoperability on Telecom Wholesales DSL network (Telepermit).

    I gave one to a friend to use who was 7km from the exchange and could not get his Cisco router to connect (they said he was within range). It worked perfectly on the Smartax 882.

    As a side note, the bollocks about backdoors is all hearsay and conjecture started mostly by US vendors out of fear for their market.

    Huawei submits all equipment for full strip down security testing in many markets and never has a backdoor been found (except standards based access designed to make customer management easier).

    *disclaimer*; I work for Huawei NZ but not in the terminals space and these opinions are based on my own experience and views... I did after all decide to work for them and highly value my own reputation.

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    Default Re: Huawei Smartax 882

    For a free modem, it was a solid little thing for me. although after a while it did start crapping out, I don't know if that was my phone line or bad caps. I experienced similar problems with two other modems, I think it's an issue of them just overheating. So stick it in a cool place and you should be fine. Just don't expect rainbows and miracles to spew from the ethernet port, it does what it's supposed to and that's it.
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