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    Red face rocketmail password

    Hi all plz help me,i forgot my new rocketmail password,i tried every help ,i even forgot what i entered in my secret questions and answers,i have so many secret and special documents in my id. plz if someone can help id is: [edited].
    plz help me and contact me at [edited].
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    Default Re: rocketmail password

    I have removed your email addresses from your posts to prevent spam bots harvesting them.

    Did you set up an alternative email address that Rocketmail (Yahoo) can send out a "forgotten password" reset link?

    The fact you provided your Rocketmail ID in your post suggests you wanted someone to help crack your account. This is not legal and you will not receive any assistance in doing this. There is also no proof you are the actual owner of that account.

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    Default Re: rocketmail password

    There shouldn't be a problem if you are the legal owner of the account. There are several ways to recover the passwords As explained here Since you cant "remember the questions" all you need is the ID and the Alternate email address or mobile phone number that you would have entered and it will be sent to you.

    If you don't have these then you will be out of luck, or are trying to break into some ones account.
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