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Thread: 1080p laptops

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    Default 1080p laptops

    I'm thinking about buying a new notebook, and it seems getting a 16 or 17" screen in 1080p is still prohibitively expensive. Are they worthwhile, or am I better to spend the cash elsewhere?

    It's usage will be pretty general purpose, but I do watch quite a few movies on my current notebook.

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    Default Re: 1080p laptops

    IMO even if you watch alot of movies, a 1080p won't make much difference at that size screen.

    I suppose the extra screen estate would be useful, but you'd be squinting and its probably not worth the large premium unless you need it.

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    Default Re: 1080p laptops

    Yeah I reckon.

    Asus make some very nice 16" notebooks, they would be good for movies.
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    Default Re: 1080p laptops

    Can't resist!!!

    So the greenies have won. Instead of dropping 1080 bait, we are now going to kill them by dropping laptops on them? Bit expensive don't you think? PJ
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    Default Re: 1080p laptops

    I agree with Blam, 1080p wont be very noticeable at all, I usually only find its usefulness at 21"+

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    Default Re: 1080p laptops

    The text pitch on laptop w\ 1080 rez is only for people under the age of 30!...LOL, there is no way I can read text on a 17"1080 LCD!
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