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    Smile Modem Router problems.

    Recently changed Broadband and phone to Orcon. To celebrate the occasion I bought a TP-Link TD-8840 ADSL2+ Modem router. Download speed was 4.5Mbps Upload .87Mbps Latency 23ms. Great!

    This continued for a couple of months, then the download dropped to 1.9Mbps, Upload remained the same. Suspecting a bad line connection I called in Chorus and they redid several connections and checked all lines. The technician's meter showed a line speed of 5Mbps. Checked on the computer, still 1.9Mbps.
    He plugged in a battered looking D-Link from his tool box and computer showed 4.7Mbps!
    Why would the TP-Link halve its download speed?

    I have now plugged in my ancient DSE Router and getting 4.7Mbps. I never thought to try it before because it does not support ADSL2+. (or not supposed to). Orcon are sending me a free single port modem which I can plug in to the Linksey wireless router.

    Orcon service has been first class all along, which makes a great change after Telecom and Vodafone.

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    Default Re: Modem Router problems.

    Happens when it gets warm, it's summer, and unfortunately TP-Links aren't the most reliable machines in the world

    They're likely sending you the Dynalink RTA1320, which has mixed reviews depending on who you talk to.

    Whats likely happening with your DSE modem is it's sync'ing as ADSL1, but because you're too far from the exchange to take advantage of higher ADSL2+ speeds, you're sync'ing around the same speed

    Keep us informed with how you get on! Great to hear Orcon have been so good for you.


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    Default Re: Modem Router problems.

    Long term, consider buying a Cisco or Linksys (cheaper subsidiary of Cisco but very reliable).
    Make sure it supports ADSL2+. I personally am waiting until we get routers that also support ipv6 - hence why I said long-term. For now struggle on with what you have unless it cannot be helped.
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