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    Found interesting area I had never heard of. c/windows/localsettings/content-ie5. Numerically named files
    appear in explorer click on -
    nothing. Browse with irfan view and hello!! Hundreds of pics & graphics from browsing.
    Did <select all> <delete> to all. Also same to ie5 cookies.
    Did <copy> <paste>to index dat
    Found only two entries in File
    Is this news?
    Cheers B

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    This is a common alternative location to the more usual c:\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\ that is home for the notorious indes.dat file.

    Are you sure that the address was as you typed in your post as it is usually found at C:\windows\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\index.dat I have found this location in win98 but not in Win95. Both adresses are usually present but only one will be actively accumulating data in the dat file. The trick is to know which one!

    I made up a boot floppy and batch file to auto-delete Index.dat in all common locations in Win95, Win98 and Win2000. It's quick and easy and sure beats fiddling about at the DOS prompt. Takes just a couple of minutes whenever I decide to clear my computer of all this rubbish.



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    Thanks John.
    My index dat lives in cookies file for some reason.
    Had not known about local settings...did some more thorough research - found this gem that works well @

    You can read & clean at close down with v1.16 in windows.
    Just choose not to boot after opening index dat.
    Thanks again for reply. B

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