Every time I shut down Windows 95, I am greeted with a black screen displaying this message in DOS font:

'Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer.
Press any key to continue...'

This will happen if I select 'shut down the computer', 'restart the computer' or 'restart the computer in MS-DOS mode'. The intermediate shut down screen is displayed (Please wait while Windows shuts down) - then the error message is displayed. If you wait for 30 seconds or so, the 'It is now safe to turn your computer off' message appears - no matter what type of shut down method I've selected. I'm running a 6x86 P150 1.2GB HDD, 32MB RAM with Windows 95 (with FAT 32 HDD format). I've turned off all hardware power management (bios and software). I've tried reinstalling Windows to no avail.

I can not restart the computer or enter MS-DOS mode from the shut down menu, any suggestions?