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    Default Caching solution needed

    How do I know if the web pages I am viewing are the most recent? I believe caching by proxy servers is a real problem and it is affecting my own pages (, to the extent that some people have said to me 'You haven't updated your site lately', which is not true.

    Every time I make changes to my own web pages (which is 2 or 3 times a week), upload them to my hosting server, then view them through my ISP, I do not get see the most recent changes. I have to hit the refresh or reload button 2 or 3 times in order to view them. The caching problem is not on my own PC. I emptied the cache on my hard drive and still the problems occurred. I rang my ISP, ClearNet and asked them why. The person on the end of the phone had to escalate the request as the response I initially received was not good enough. After I few days I received this reply.

    'CLEAR Net employs the use of transparent caches to increase the efficiency of our international bandwidth with the net result being faster browsing for CLEAR Net customers. The caches are designed so that if you go to a website that has been accessed by another customer, the website is downloaded from the cache rather than from the original source. There is a vast difference in speed between a file downloaded from a local cache and one downloaded, say, from the US.'

    This response makes me wonder how many other ISP's are employing these techniques.

    So if I can't see the latest changes to my own web pages, how many other pages am I viewing that are not the most current version? The suggestion by the voice on the end of the ClearNet help line to refresh or reload the page, is ridiculous. I can't do this for every web page I view, nor should I need to.

    Anyway, I need a solution - some code - to put in the code of my own pages to force retrieval from the server rather than from ClearNet's or any other ISP's transparent cache. I have used the code <META HTTP-EQUIV='Expires' content='0'>
    but it doesn't seem to work.

    Please help.

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    One thing you could do is to put a notice on your pages to the effect that due to the policies of your host they may not be seeing the latest version........etc etc. Send a copy to the head honcho at Clear?

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    Default Re: Caching solution needed

    I have found that having something along the lines of 'This page was last updated on such and such a date' and 'Press CTRL & F5 to see the most recent changes' sometimes work.

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