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    Default Linksys Internet Phone Adapter

    Have a Linksys Internet Phone Adapter and cannot get it working with xtra broadband. Quickstart guide says plug it in and router should assign an ip address. Plugged it in and nothing happening, phone is dead quiet and not working. Hints please.


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    Default Re: Linksys Internet Phone Adapter

    Quote Originally Posted by Newteach View Post
    Have a Linksys Internet Phone Adapter and cannot get it working with xtra broadband. Quickstart guide says plug it in and router should assign an ip address. Plugged it in and nothing happening, phone is dead quiet and not working. Hints please.

    Quick Guide to setting up the Linksys 2102 (Also works with Linksys PAP2T ATA)

    Note : to setup a static connection, if your having troubles Telstraclear Cable, or to factory reset this device, go to the bottom of this document.

    **Setting up

    Turn on the device.

    Using an ethernet cable, connect the Linksys from it’s Blue “Internet” port to a spare port on a router.

    Plug a phone into the "phone 1" port. (some Unidens may not work)

    Pickup the handset and dial****. You will be greeted with a voice menu.

    Dial 7932# (# is the pound key or hash key). This enables router web access to the Linksys. You will be asked for a password, which is 1# to enable and press 1 again to save.

    Hang-up the phone.

    Pickup the phone again and dial **** for the voice menu.

    Press 110# to hear the interface IP address. Write this down. It will be or similar.

    Type this IP in the browser to open up the interface. There should be no admin password screen.

    Once you see the "Linksys" logo, you're in the interface.

    Underneath the Linksys logo click on "voice".

    Next on the extreme right click "Admin login", then "Advanced".

    Then towards the centre click on “Line 1”.

    The most important info goes into the subscriber information section. Use these settings

    Subscriber information

    Display name : 64 (+area code minus the 0 + ph number) User iD : 64 (+area code minus the 0 + ph number)

    Password : Given by Slingshot (normally SS something)

    *Copy information as close as you can from the “red circled” areas from the screenshot below. *

    (If you print this, you won't be able to zoom in to enlarge it.)

    Make sure the correct proxy is present e.g “” is Wellington, “akl” is Auckland, tpo is Taupo. (Get this from Slingshot tech help)

    Make sure the preferred codec is G711u

    (or G711a if using a fax in the future when Slingshot finally supports - say 2011!!!)

    Then select "submit all changes" (Or, Save changes) at the bottom.

    The customer will see a reboot screen for 5 seconds then the interface will popup. It resets really quickly!! But takes around 30 seconds to register.

    We know the customer has a dial tone (registered/logged in) when 3 lights turn green on the Linksys (power, internet and phone 1).

    We can also ask the customer to check for a dial tone.

    You can also use the iTalk online session page to see if the customer is registered.

    Note: if a customer is having issues try

    * replacing the Ethernet cable to the Linksys or use another port on the router (ping to test health of connection <1ms desired)
    * change the sip port to 50600 or the proxy and outbound proxy to akl(region) - Retest.
    * change registration expires time to 60. Retest.
    * advise to set up port forwarding to ports 5060 and 5004. They will have to do this themselves as we don’t support port forwarding.

    You can also configure the MAC address on this device in Bill+.

    Lines Logins>iTalk line>iTalk settings>Change Device

    STATIC CONNECTION – for fine tuning connection issues

    If you want to setup a static connection then in the interface below the Linksys Icon click “Router” then “Wan setup”.

    Ask the customer to change connection type (drop down menu will be set to DHCP) to Static.

    Then ask the customer to locate and then fill in the following fields with the correct info below.

    Static Ip – Netmask –

    Gateway -

    Also under the “optional settings” below the “PPPoE settings” fill in these fields.

    Primary DNS – Secondary DNS

    Then click ‘submit all changes” at the bottom. (Or, Save changes)

    This device may takes up to 30 seconds to register.

    For Telstraclear cable broadband, if the standard connection – cable to router to ATA doesn’t work even after port forwarding, you may have to setup the gear in a daisey chain configuration. The setup will be as follows - Cable modem to the ATA (blue port), then from the ATA (yellow port) to a PC. The ATA’s interface can be accessed now on the IP

    Use the Statip IP (above), Gateway, subnet mask and DNS servers from TelstraClear (the customer should have these), NOT Slingshot.

    Once you have a dial tone and you are surfing the net you can replace the PC with a “DHCP enabled” router to give access to more than one PC.

    If you’re still having issues:

    - try changing the sip port to 50600 or the proxy and outbound proxy to akl(region) - Retest.

    - Under the “Proxy and Registration section” - in the red circled area above: Set the “Register Expires” to 60. Submit changes. Retest.

    ** Can’t open the interface? – factory reset it and setup again. See below.

    ** Cant get a dial tone or it disappears after 10 minutes?

    - Also try changing the setting use DNS SRV and the USE DNS SRV auto prefix to “yes” in the red circled area above. Make sure the static connection includes Telstraclear’s DNS servers and they haven’t diverted back to Slingshot’s DNS servers.

    ** try an ATA486 as they can also be setup this way on Telstraclear cable and I’ve had success with this before when Linksys has failed me!!!. Make sure the ATA 486 is NAT router enabled and NOT bridged (see basic settings).

    Factory reset

    Sometimes a device maybe faulty, or previously setup for a different connection type. It may require a factory reset. To factory reset this device plug in a phone and dial **** for the menu. Next dial 73738#. Then 1 to confirm. Wait 30 seconds for the device to reset.

    Once this is done go back to the top of this page – see **Setting up.

    If you have other questions or are not sure about any of the settings, give Slingshot tech help a call and they will help you. In the case of having unsupported hardware, at least try to do most of the settings yourself and then they don't mind helping so much.

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    These are the settings guide for a Slingshot account, but some of the info might be of use.

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    Default Re: Linksys Internet Phone Adapter

    Plug the WAN port into the ADSL router, not the LAN port. Only use the LAN port for administering the device.
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    Default Re: Linksys Internet Phone Adapter

    thanks guys...of to try your ideas...

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