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    Default Microsoft Works Startup prob.

    My OEM computer came installed with Microsoft Works Suite 6.0. The Spreadsheet didn't suit my purposes, so I bought Office 2000 - no probs. Except Works Update detection (wkdetect.exe) kept running on startup.

    At first I used msconfig to disable it.

    It kept enabling itself however, so I removed the appropriate startup key from the registry.

    But... you guessed it, it keeps replacing the key with a new one on a regular basis. How do I stop wkdetect from running?

    Also from time to time Itake a look at the close programs window (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and msworks.exe is running!

    I don't want to remove these programs (well maybe wkdetect) but I want to stop them from self executing. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Microsoft Works Startup prob.

    Is there a shortcut in the startup folder perhaps?

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    Default Re: Microsoft Works Startup prob.

    To stop them from running, boot Windows into Safe Mode, and then edit the line out of the registry. Also check that you've got all the key's in the registry, as sometimes there are more than one, and deleting one doesn't always solve the problem.
    Anyway, after you've deleted it out in Safe Mode, restart your computer, and it shouldn't be running now.

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    Default Re: Microsoft Works Startup prob.

    Sorry, not a startup folder prob.
    Thanx anyway

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    Default Re: Microsoft Works Startup prob.

    Yeah, tried that - the problem is, although it stops running after I do that, a day or so later it is back again!


    It does stay out for a small while (1-3 startups), but something else must be executing it whilst the computer is on, and then it just regenerates the registry key whilst it is running.

    Any ideas what key would be doing that?

    I have done a search in the registry for anything containing 'wkdetect', but to no avail.

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    Default Re: Microsoft Works Startup prob.

    Hi, no offence but if you've got Office what do ou need to have Works installed for as well?


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    Default Re: Microsoft Works Startup prob.

    JM - none taken, but I am thinking of upgrading in a few months and I want to take office with me, but leave works so that it is more attractive as a second hand computer when I sell it.

    I don't have the original install disks, so can't remove it in the meantime.

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