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Thread: Computer Crash

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    Default Computer Crash

    My Computer crashes suddenly, I realized it happens while some process consumes lot of CPU, like a game or so
    as I see externally, there are some amount of corrosion in computer casing, but cnt see in motherboard
    can corrosion effect motherboard or any hardware like this, are there Iron components in motherboard which can get corroded

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    Default Re: Computer Crash

    Capacitors can go bad. Sometimes they get a bulge or a leak in their top as a sign of their failure.

    On the other hand, it might just be the CPU overheating. Try cleaning out the dust with a brush.

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    Default Re: Computer Crash

    Very carefully clean the dust off the fans making sure you ground yourself by touching a metal part of the case at all times

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    Default Re: Computer Crash

    If it's crashing when there's a lot of CPU (Or during gaming it could be the GPU) being consumed, then it's time to check and make sure it's not overheating.

    It happens around this time of year, and I'd suggest it's more likely than corroding motherboard components

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