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    Default Setting up Proxy server

    We have an NT4 server running MS Proxy 2.0 and Exchange 5.5. We have an ISDN line through an NTPlus 'clamshell router'.

    Currently the ISDN line runs through a NIC that has been set up as 'internal' in Proxy, but from all my reading this is BAD as it opens the whole network to the outside world.

    I tried moving the NIC to 'external' in Proxy and this worked for outgoing traffic without a hitch. However, no mail came in-bound through the router to our Exchange server. I am guessing this has something to do with routing tables, but where do I start to fix this problem?

    Perry Rowe

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    Open up the MMC control panel for the Proxy server and check the WinProxy settings for filters, etc.
    You will probably have to tell the Proxy server that the info coming in for the Exchange server's IP should be passed through.
    Have a read of the Proxy 2 Cramsession at or read up on the newsgroups.
    I'd like to explain some more but I can't find my Proxy notes - buggar.

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