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    Last night my 36xCDROM spun down for the last time. It died shortly leter on the operating table, and I'm now looking at options for a replacement. The PC is a Celeron 300A overclocked to 450MHz (runs like a dream) with 128MB RAM, Win98 and a 10GB HDD. I've been told that my PC might not have enough grunt to run a DVD drive, is this true, and would it make any difference if I went for a hardware MPEG decoder over software, or would I be better off to stick with a CDR/RW drive? Also, are PC DVD drives prone to region locking, or is it just TV-top units?

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    check your motherboard. if it will support a better cpu (p3 prefered) then upgrade the cpu and don't buy a mpeg decoder card.

    dvd drives are region coded but can be cracked. check for advailable cracks before you buy.

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    The motherboard can only handle up to PII 450 chips, so I can't upgrade the CPU. Is there a reason I should stay away from MPEG decoder cards?

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